A concept originating from the ether of Saratoga Springs, New York back in 2006, The Wind-Up evolved into actual material substance in the Summer of 2008 over a bag of Doritos and an 18-pack of Coors Light. Rob said: "I and you can wrote those songs here you go-go." MJ said: "What?" The dog raised an eyebrow, befuddled by the exchange. The rest, I believe, can be inferred.

Robert Jonas is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and equestrian escape artist from Long Island. There is some dispute over the veracity of this guise, however, as distant acquaintances have recently suggested his real name may be Dick Whitman.

Matt Johnson, a keyboardist, composer, percussionist, and geek, is best known for his contributions to quantum molecular theory, where he made his mark by pointing out to his colleagues that they were wasting their time and should probably switch to Mac.

Matty Bernstein has already made the switch, and wastes no time: when not playing the bass, singing backup, or producing The Wind-Up's next great record, he does essentially nothing.

David Levy has terrific hair and a winning smile. He plays the guitar and comes from Craigslist.

James Guimaraes, by contrast, has an embarassing haircut and a peculiar expression on his face (see picture to the right). Hailing from New York, James is a master of the drum kit and often uses obsolescent musical terminology like "drum kit" and "where are my pants?"
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