Posted January 31 2010

Thanks to all who attended our spectacular CD release party. Success is too small a word to cover what went down. The crowd was amazing, the venue was badass, and the show was a blowout.

To those who couldn't make it, fear not, for the internet was invented:

Download the album for whatever price you want through Bandcamp. Download it for a quick and easy $0.99/track at Digstation. Or order your very own wonderfully-tangible CD (complete with beautiful artwork) from CD Baby.

Check it out, get into it, and if you love it, twitter it, facebook it, get the word out. Tell a friend. Tell nine friends. Tell your boss. Tell your sister's former roommate's orthodontist who's older but really likes to feel hip. Our future world holds more than the proverbial oyster... we're thinking Atlantic Ocean. Let's get there together.

And now, without further adoo, let's get to the music. Enjoy.

the wind-up

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1/28/10 @ WEBSTER HALL

Wind-Up fans in attendance: 131
Record labels in attendance: 2
Publications in attendance: 2
Fabulous opening bands: 3
Free tshirts distributed: 25
Fans turned CD owners: 95
Overlooked hyphens: 6

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