Posted March 9 2009

For those of you who missed our performance at Bar East, we came, we rocked, and we... won. What does this mean? It means you all have another shot at seeing us tear up the Upper East Side music festival. Not excited? How about another chance to climb with us to the next round of competition and on to greater things... like bringing you cityfolk bigger and better shows, and even bringing the show to our friends in Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, Hartford... you name it. Also, perhaps a cheeseburger.

RSVP on facebook, pass it along to a few friends, inform the world wide web, let's make this one to remember.

For now, we've booked around the city for the coming spring, including our favorite stage at Arlene's and another epic show at Webster hall. Here are the dates, get 'em in your calendars, be they analog, digital, or Mayan

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