Posted September 19 2010

So we've made a few waves on the web recently. Two new blogs perked up their ears to The Wind-Up, each focusing in on a different cut from our debut record.

Music blog The Night Fox latched on to If I'm Right and threw in their support behind the concept of paying what you want for your music, a paradigm we have bought into by offering our tracks in exchange for a voluntary PayPal donation through Bandcamp. Check out the article here.

IndieShows, a comprehensive database of upcoming... well, indie shows, also gave us some love. It was Like Binary Code that got under their skin, and they had nice things to say about how we handled drum production in recording of this track. Read more here.

Finally, the high-profile music site The Hype Machine alerted the masses to our existence, piggy-backing off the IndieShows review. Facebook users "like" things, but apparently Hype Machine users are freer spirits, so go "love" us on Hype Machine!

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